Steam Cleaners are ideal for cleaning grease and oil, sterilizing, disinfecting, degreasing, de-icing, and flushing away chemicals, without damaging your cleaning surface. If you require 300 -350 degree steam for your cleaning needs, Alkota has the right model for you. Industrial steam cleaners operate between 250 and 400 PSI. Since steam cleaners operate at lower pressures than your standard hot water pressure washer they are safe to use in cleaning sensitive areas such as engine compartments, transmissions, and heavy equipment. They are also great for sanitizing vats, barrels, and tanks. Steam cleaners are also used in specialty applications like de-icing planes and melting ice dams. The latest innovation is using industrial steam cleaners for in ground pipe repair. The 300 degree steam reaches every crack and crevice, cleaning built up residue from your cleaning surface and flushes it away, giving you savings in time, water, and detergents. Alkota offers steam cleaners heated by diesel, natural gas, LP, and all electric. Your local Alkota dealer will help you decide if a steam cleaner is right for you. If you are having trouble deciding between a hot water pressure washer and an industrial steam cleaner, ask about our combination kits for hot water pressure washers. Combination units offer the cleaning power of hot water and steam, giving you a versatile cleaning machine.

Steam Cleaners