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Scale Stop Alkota

Scale Stop Alkota De-scaling Detergent
<no value>Scale Stop Alkota De-scaling Detergent

Scale Stop Alkota

Scale Stop preventative package helps protect Alkota Pressure Washers by reducing maintenance costs, prolonging machine life, reducing downtime, de-scaling costs and by reducing operating costs by maximizing coil heat transfer. Scale Stop is a blend of chemicals that help prevent scale and soap build-up in a variety of ways and has a component that exhibits a “threshold phenomenon”. Alkota Scale Stop has a component that inhibits the growth of crystals of water hardness and soap scale. This component also prevents crystals from bonding together to form scale in the coil and other components and helps improve detergent performance. Lime or scale is the number one cause of heat transfer system failure. Scale Stop helps your Alkota Pressure Washer operate at maximum efficiency while reducing operating and repair costs, while maximizing customer satisfaction.

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