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Automatic Parts Washer AL3640-RO Alkota

Automatic Parts Washer AL3640-RO Alkota aqueous parts washer automatic parts washer
<no value>Automatic Parts Washer AL3640-RO Alkota aqueous parts washer automatic parts washer

Automatic Parts Washer AL3640-RO Alkota

Automatic parts washers - Alkota roll-out turntable parts washers are designed with you in mind. The roll-out turntable allows for ease of loading and unloading. For your convenience, the tank floors slope for easier cleanout. Simple operating controls, brass nozzles, and a gasket-free door is Alkota’s commitment to enhanced performance and productivity without a sacrifice in quality. The Alkota Parts Washers are built to last. Alkota constructed the cabinet and door with heavy-duty 12-gauge steel. All-around performance, durability and improved operator convenience make the RO parts washers the right choice for you. With all Alkota Parts Washers you no longer need solvent tanks that are known to be health hazards. RO parts washers allow you to load your parts, set the timer and get back to work saving you time and money. With the support of your local Alkota dealer we can find the correct solution for you. Model AL3640-ro features a 36” turntable and 40” working height capable of holding 1500 lbs.

Turntable Load Limit
1500 lbs
Solution Capacity
192 gal
Thermostat Switch Setting Temperature
175 ºF
Pump Flow Rate at 65 psi
45 gpm
230/460 v
Motor Power
5 hp
Number of Nozzles
Pump Motor Type
Cast Iron Vertical Sealless Pump
Electric Wash Heater Power
15 kw
10 gauge Tank|12 gauge Door and Cabinet Steel Plate
Hinged Door
Sealless door with handle, latch and safety switch
Turntable Motor Type
Gear Driven
Oil Skimmer
Stainless Disc style
Wash Timer
60 min
Turntable Diameter
36 in
Working Height
40 in
Overall Width
42 in
Overall Height
76 in
Overall Depth
63 in
850 lbs

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