Hot vs. Cold Pressure Washers

Whether you should buy a hot or cold pressure washer depends on what you are cleaning and how fast you want to get the job done. Alkota pressure washer distributors and dealers can provide information on hot vs cold pressure washer systems and help decide which is right for your company.

Cold Water Pressure Washers

cold water pressure washer

Cold water pressure washers are a versatile and cost effective way to clean dirt and debris. Sand, mud, and paint stripping can all be done effectively with cold water pressure washers. At Alkota we build dependable electric and gas-powered cold water units in many sizes and configurations to meet your needs.

Hot Water Pressure Washers

hot water pressure washer

Hot water pressure washers are the answer if you need to clean grease, oil, and manure. Hot water will do a better job of breaking down the grime. Imagine cleaning your own hands or washing dishes when they are dirty – hot water is the answer. Also, whatever you might clean with cold water, hot water will do it faster.

Hot water units heat the water using a heat exchanger, and this component is complex. The heating coil should also be spiral wound with even spacing to prevent soot build up, which interferes with combustion. On Alkota pressure washers, the coil actually forms the combustion chamber so there is no troublesome insulation. The even coil spirals also allow adequate airflow, improving combustion and fuel efficiency.

Find the Right System For You

At Alkota, we hand build a wide variety of hot and cold water units every day to match the diverse needs and budgets of our customers. We are confident that we have the right equipment for your unique cleaning tasks. Find your local distributor to discuss what system is right for your application.