Custom-Built Pressure Washer Trailers

Custom Mobile Pressure Washer Systems

single pressure washer trailer

Sometimes standard pressure washers just don't get the job done. When you have big jobs that require a mobile pressure washer system, a custom pressure washer trailer unit is a great option.

We don't just buy pre-built trailers and load them up with our equipment. Our team of master craftsmen starts with the basics. Once we have your approval on your custom trailer design, we will start by fabricating the frame; all to uniquely fit your pressure washers and meet your job site demands. From there we will assemble the entire unit piece by piece, inspecting our work after each step.

We'll Build Your Trailer From the Ground Up

custom built pressure washer trailer

Because we build our trailers from the ground up, we can build a trailer to meet the demands of almost any application. If you are dreaming up the perfect mobile unit, let's talk about how we can make it a reality. We will talk through every last detail of the trailer before we start building it so you can be sure you get exactly what you need.

Whether you want a single axle pressure washer trailer that you can easily move from one job site to another or you need a flatbed fully loaded with pressure washers, the Alkota team can make it happen. We personally design and build your trailer from the ground up; and we do it right here, in the heart of the USA.

Check out some of our special builds below!

flatbed pressure washer trailer

dual axle pressure washer trailer water filter system

Concrete sealing pressure washer trailer

dual axle pressure washer trailer custom

custom trailer pressure washer spray nozzles

Hot water custom trailer