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Can't Find Your Manual? We Gotcha!

Did your Alkota pressure washer manual get lost in the move, covered in mud or oil, or perhaps you bought your equipment used and it didn't come with a manual? Well, you're in luck!

Simply scan the QR code for a manual directory right on your phone, or simply visit -

If the manual doesn't answer your questions, be sure to check out our support page or connect with your local distributor.

Your serial number will be on a plate similar to the one pictured below.

Scan for User Manuals

Scan For Manuals!

Visit - and enter your serial number for your machine's user manual, viewable on your device, or downloadable!

Your serial number will be on a plate similar to this.

Hot Water Pressure Washer

Find Your Local Distributor

Contact your local distributor to talk through your pressure-washing needs. If our current lineup of cleaning systems won’t take care of your mess, your distributor will help you custom build a cleaning system for your operation.

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