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FULL CONTENT - FULL DESCRIPTIOPN We know pressure washers and we know you have questions! We've compiled a list of our most common questions about pressure washer to help you find the answers you need.

Is A Hot Water Pressure Washer Worth It?

When considering purchasing a hot water pressure washer, the question often comes up, "Is a hot water pressure washer worth it?" The answer is, It depends on what you are cleaning. If you are cleaning mud, dirt, and other soils that are not affected by just pressure, you most likely are looking for a hot water pressure washer.

Cold vs. Hot, What's the Difference?

Cold water pressure washers are great for removing your everyday dirt and mud. It's like washing your hands. If you apply soap and cold water and try to clean your hands, you still wind up with dirt and greases on your hands when it's all said and done. It just moves the grime around on your hands and doesn't get things clean. Now take your exact situation and wash your hands with soap and hot water; you'll see an incredible difference in cleanliness's quickness and quality.

A hot water pressure washer works much the same. Hot water pressure washers are designed to penetrate the oils, greases, and grime. If you are cleaning anything such as construction equipment, engines, or anything oily, you need a hot water pressure washer. The hot water pressure washer performs best at 200° F temperatures. You can see things melting off of what you are cleaning. This also applies to killing molds mildews and cleaning sticky surfaces. You can almost always see an instant result in this type of cleaning.

What Needs Cleaning?

Many sales appointments wind up at a place where an oily, dirty crime has been committed. Once you get there, it's solving the person's needs with the problems. You start with a hot machine to clean and determine what pressure, water volume, and temperature work best to clean and what works best for the customer's needs. The next question is, does the situation warrant paying extra for a hot water pressure washer?

A hot water pressure washer will cost more upfront, but the benefits will outweigh the time it takes to solve a problem. A hot water pressure washer will sometimes cost two to three times more than a cold water pressure washer. You have to look at a few different things to determine the cleaning process. If the speed of the machine is quicker than the process of using just a cold water machine, what other costs are you risking? Costs of fuels and maintenance are the noticeable differences in how things were done previously. The other factor is it quicker, and does it save you labor? If the answer is still yes, you need a hot water pressure washer.

Just Add Heat.

Next on the list is, what is the best method to deliver the heat, or how do you add heat? When shopping for a hot water pressure washer, there are a few different ways to heat the water. The most common is a portable diesel-fired machine. They come in gas engine-driven packages or an electric unit with a diesel-fired burner. The downside is always adding fuel to keep the heat going. In addition, diesel fuel can be messy and may put too many fumes in a confined area.

The second would come in as natural gas or liquid propane. Natural gas or liquid propane pressure washers tends to be more of a stationary unit and is less likely to be set up in a wash bay situation.

Last but not least is the all-electric version. The all-electric machine tends to be a stationary unit and will draw higher amperage. An all-electric unit usually requires a 230 or 460 volts, 3 phase power source. The considerable benefit of an all-electric unit is that it puts off no fumes and requires no ventilation.

Get Down to Business.

Please contact a local dealer or the factory for further information when considering a new pressure washer. Buying a pressure washer can be tricky when making the proper decision on what to buy. We have plenty of support to help you get a suitable pressure washer to fit your needs the first time. "It's not clean till it's Alkota Clean!"

What's The Best Fuel For a Hot Water Pressure Washer?

Have you ever wondered what sort of fuel is the best for heating your water for a personal or commercial hot water pressure washer?

Here at Alkota, we asked the experts those "commonly asked questions" to give you the answers.

Alkota prides itself with all their machines being made in the USA. We strive for excellence with advanced machines for specialized jobs, and great customer service.

What fuel options do you have?


There are many sources of Diesel. Diesel fuel burns hotter than most, making it a great choice for heating water for personal and commercial use hot water pressure washers.

Diesel: this is the one you can get most commonly from the gas station pump. Be warned, it can be inconsistent depending on additives, sulfur, time of the year, etc. However, it is the easiest fuel to get.

Manufacturer Diesel: this is the recommended source for fuel. It is clean and pure, without the additives that can cause issues. However, it is more expensive and harder to come by.

Off Road Diesel: this is typically what farmers use. There is a difference with this type of fuel, as it is taxed differently. However, it is the cheapest option and not always the best for the machine. Again can be harder to source regularly.


Often times if you have a portable machine, we recommend diesel. It is generally easy to find, efficient and affordable.


This is much more consistent fuel. It burns cleaner, lighter grade of fuel, and easier to burn versus diesel. It uses a bit of heat, though it is nominal. Issue, it is not readily available and does not have quite the diversity as diesel.

Common misconception: Some believe you can burn Kerosene in your shop. This is not true, this is very dangerous and can cause explosion and fire. Make sure if you are using kerosene, keep your machine outside and well ventilated!

Home Heating Fuel

Home Heating Fuel or Fuel Oil is fantastic if you can get it. In some cases there might be more build up from the pump because the pump is designed for combustion motors. As home heating fuel is not an options around the globe, we still wanted to list it for folks who have access.


While not as common, electricity can also be used to heat water. One main benefit is there is no open flame. It can heat much faster, but it takes more power, requiring more amperage most often found in industrial applications. It requires a permanent installation, but there are no smoke or fumes and can be equipped indoors. If you have the power needed available, the Alkota all electric can be an excellent choice.

If you don't have the power available, natural gas or propane will work. You will need to install an exhaust system to pump it outside.


Sorry, this is not even an option for heating water.


Diesel is great for your portable hot water pressure washer machines or heaters.

Fixed installed machines within a building is a great choice. This requires the propane or natural gas or as the fuel source, as it is cheaper to run than diesel. There is an upfront cost, but it is stationary and usable.

While not as common - electric can also be used to heat water - main thing - no open flame. Can heat much faster but it does take a lot of power - 3 phase power and a lot of amperage best in an Industrial application - permanent install setup. No smoke or fumes - use it inside or closed environment

hot water or steam pressure washer

Hot Water vs. Steam Pressure Washers

Have questions about the difference between industrial hot water pressure washers and industrial steam cleaners. Below we have some information that can help enlighten you on the difference between these machines.

All Alkota machines are made in the good ol' USA. We have amazing distributors willing to help you find the best machine for you and offer great customer service. If you are looking for an Alkota machine, check out our Distributor Page for a local one near you.

Hot water steam Pressure Washer

Have really dirty jobs that require a good heavy clean? We're talking lots of dirt build-up, greasy grimy messes. Look no further than Hot Water Pressure Washer units to get the job done.

For jobs that require heavy pressure, use hot water pressure washer units that can reach around 210 degrees. These machines allow the user to control the heat of the water. Machines reach a pressure of 1000 PSI or more, to help clean away grime. That is some serious knock-down power!

These units are great for multi-purpose jobs such as:

Ag/Hog industry (cleaning inside bars and farming rigs)
Cleaning Industrial Equipment
Municipality City street clean up
Personal Home use (Concrete, driveways, and more)

Hot Water - Where to Start?

Electric, gas or diesel? Mobile, installed or trailer mounted? We have options! begin your search for a Hot Water Pressure washer here. Still have questions? Make sure you contact your local dealer for even more help and custom build options.


Have a job that requires high heat but low pressure? Like delicate jobs such as the food industry or mechanical parts like cleaning an engine? Alkota has great professional steam cleaner machines that can get the job done.

Build with delicacy in the forefront; machines are designed with temperatures varying from 225-300 degrees. Using steam emulsifies the grime, melting it away, and reducing the splatter. While being easy on parts such as electronics and paint, because of the low pressure being used.

Here are some popular uses for our industrial steam cleaners:
Car shops: car engines, hydraulics, transmissions
Sterilization of soil for planting
Creating humidity in greenhouses
Curing tobacco
Cleaning vents in industrial kitchens
We also talked about the importance of a steam cleaner machine in our trenchless pipe repair article.

Steam - Where to Start?

Alkota has many different configurations and power options for our steam cleaners. From mobile to installed, gas, electric and more! We can even build you a custom machine for your particular needs.

Check out all our Steam Cleaner options here, but don't hesitate to find a dealer if you have more questions!

Picking the Right Pressure Washer Solution

If you are in the hunt for either a industrial hot water pressure washer or a professional steam cleaner, we hope these tips will help you decide between the best machine for you. And if your still not sure? Please reach out to any of our helpful distributors. They will be happy to learn about your needs and get you the right machine.

Hot Water Pressure Washer

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Contact your local distributor to talk through your pressure-washing needs. If our current lineup of cleaning systems won’t take care of your mess, your distributor will help you custom build a cleaning system for your operation.

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