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You should be able to talk to the person you are buying your pressure washer from and have personal support when issues arise. That's why we sell through local distributors.

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Why We Sell Through Distributors

We believe in taking care of our customers to the best of our ability and there is simply no way for us to do that all the way from Alcester, SD. That's why we rely on the pressure washer experts in your area. We sell and service all Alkota pressure washers and cleaning systems through our network of dependable distributors.

We believe you should be able to talk to the person you are buying your equipment from, and more importantly, you should be able to have your equipment serviced by local certified technicians. When you run into trouble, our distributors will be there to serve you.

Continuous Training and Education

You can feel confident you are buying your pressure washer from the most educated and experienced people in the industry. Every Alkota distributor receives continued education on our equipment and how to best support their local customers. When we learn from one distributor, we share that knowledge with everyone across the country. Because our distributors are always up-to-date with the latest equipment, technologies, and industry trends, they have the unrivaled ability to custom build solutions for nearly any applications you bring to them. Finding the right solution for your unique application is what they do best.

What Our Distributors Say

"Running a fast and efficient service department in the pressure washer industry is no small task, as the owner of company that sells and services multiple brands of equipment, I can say that our service techs would rather work on an Alkota any day of the week. Alkota Natural Gas or LP stationery units are second to none on ease of repair and service. Being able to open the front panel and access the pump, unloader, and gas valve within arm’s reach is a huge advantage, and with just two more screws you have access to the electrical panel for easy repairs and troubleshooting"

"Alkota has the most service friendly natural gas units on the market, the cold wrap coil design allows for quick and easy removal of the coil and almost all common repairs can be done from the same location in the front of the machine."

"Natural Gas units are installed on shelves, stands, hung from the ceiling, and that is why our service technicians are glad you can reach the pump, unloader, gas valve and electrical panel all from one spot. Alkota's unique design means the ladder stays in one place, it also makes repairs and troubleshoot that much easier and quicker"

Hot Water Pressure Washer

Find Your Local Distributor

Contact your local distributor to talk through your pressure-washing needs. If our current lineup of cleaning systems won’t take care of your mess, your distributor will help you custom build a cleaning system for your operation.

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